Secret Desert LocationJoshua Tree, CA, United States

Stoned and Dusted

By CDWA (other events)

Sat, May 26 2018 12:30 PM Sun, May 27 2018 10:30 PM

Memorial Day Weekend - Campout, Cookout and Bitchin' Concert.

The Ultimate Stoner Rock and Heavy Psych Generator Party at a secret desert location near Joshua Tree, California. 

Bus pick up is at the Joshua Tree Lakes Campground.  2601 Sunfair Road, Joshua Tree, California 92252  Phone: (760) 366-1213.

If you are not camping at the Joshua Tree Lakes Campground, you still get picked up there. Day parking for $10 per day is available on site.

Bus pick up and guest check-in is at the southeast corner of the campgrounds. Look for the white and aqua-blue colored shade/pop-up tent.

There are two rounds of buses transporting people to the event. Try to be in the first round. Don't miss the second. That’s all there is. Meet at the campgrounds 30-45 minutes early to check in and get your wristbands, pins, cups, etc.

Buses are air conditioned. Don't make a mess, barf or spill anything; costs good money if they gotta clean up our mess. 

Seating is limited. If the first buses are not full, we may have to recruit people. If the first buses are too full, you may have to wait.

Leaving campground for Stoned & Dusted

First buses depart campground sharply at 12:45 PM. 
Second buses depart campground at 2:15/2:30. 

Returning from event to campground

First buses depart the event site for the campground at 11pm after the music ends.
Second buses depart event site at 12:30/12:45 at night.



SAT 78/57

SUN 86/64



  • 14 Rad bands
  • 2 Days of sweet, sweet jams
  • At a generator party
  • In a secret location
  • In the beautiful Southern California desert
  • In the birthplace of Desert Rock
  • We pick you up from the pick up spot
  • We take you to the party
  • You might mingle with your musician heroes and best friends
  • For 2 days, back to back
  • Don't lose your commemorative beer cup
  • Wear your membership pin for the California Desert Wizards Association
  • Sunny weather
  • Western skies & Desert heat
  • Cool breeze under the stars
  • Nearly full moon
  • Joshua trees and giant boulders bathed silver moonlight
  • Warm campfire
  • Rock and Roll
  • Loud as hell
  • Memorial Day weekend cookout
  • The BEST of times.
  • And then we drive you safely back to the campgrounds after so you don't have to worry about driving drunk or stoned or both or all three?!
  • Ages 21+ ONLY.

A party for the fun-loving wild bunch who dig that the secret to life is enjoying it. We love loud psychedelic jams, having some brews, partying out in the desert and camping in our vans. We love seeing live music and joking & smoking under the stars around a campfire until way too late at night. Stoned and Dusted, yeah buddy.

Q: What is this party going to be like? 

A: A little bigger than last year, watch the 2017 video on our website,

Q: Food is provided, what's on the menu?

A: On Saturday Super Tacos Hernandez. wil provide delicious(!!) taco plates for our guests for both barbarians, vegan & vegetarians:
-3 Types of meat: Carne Asada (Beef), Pollo (Grilled Chicken), Al Pastor (Marinated Pork with Pineapple) for the barbarians
-Soyrizo style and/or Grilled Veggies (Zucchinis, squash, bell peppers, potatoes, onions), Corn on the cob for the vegetarians & vegans
-Spanish Rice and pinto beans (Both vegetarian)
-Salsa bar with Red Salsa (Hot) Green Salsa (Mild)
Toppings: Chopped onions, cilantro and sliced limes.
Sunday is our Memorial Day cookout. Chef Jeshua Garza and his Kuma Catering will provide various specialty burgers and dogs, and a delicious veggie version. Jeshua is a really amazing chef who is still finalizing his menu, details soon to follow. 
Check him out on instagram.

Q: Is Camping included in the ticket Price?

A: No.  Camping will be at the Joshua Tree Lakes Campground. They don't take reservations for tent camping, but they have truly unlimited amount of camping out there and they are blocking off a large chunk of the grounds for us. You'll be welcomed and stoked. It's beautiful desert out there. More info on camping here:

Q: What about RV camping? 

A: You should make a reservation if you're bringing an RV and need and electric hook up.

Q: How do I know that I'll for sure get a campsite? 

A: When you buy your ticket, the ticketing system asks you if you plan to camp there. The CDWA will let the campgrounds know approximately how many campers are coming. Like we said, they have unlimited space. The campgrounds will block off an area large enough to accommodate all of us. If you wish to camp near someone, arrive together.

Q: What should I bring to the campgrounds?

A: It's car camping so bring plenty of supplies: water, ice, cooler, firewood, shade tent, camp chairs, sleeping pad/sleeping bag, sunscreen, shower towel, soap, etc. We aren't supplying your hang at the campgrounds. There will be no food vendors there so bring provisions for coffee, aspirin, breakfast, snacks, cookies, chips, dips, spare sandwiches, etc.  PLENTY OF WATER, etc. They have showers, drinking water on site, flush bathrooms, dishwashing stations, etc. Fully set up. You can always go into the town of Joshua Tree for breakfast, late night grub, you can probably order a pizza to your campsite?? More info on camping here:

Q: What if I'm not camping, how do I meet up for a ride to the show?

A: There is day use parking at the campgrounds for a small daily fee, $10. We will send details to all ticket holders.

Q: What Should I bring to the concert?

A: Backpacks are okay. Blanket for sitting, Sturdy boots/shoes. Sunscreen. Bring a refillable H2O bottle! Personal H2O mister is not a bad idea. 

Q: What should I wear?

A: It's gonna be hot in the daytime, but you should still wear sturdy boots/shoes (no flip flops!) and long pants; shade hats; and light weight, long-sleeved shirts are recomended by experts. Wear Sunscreen! Water soaked bandanas around the neck are pretty awesome on a hot day. Bring a Jacket/hat/etc. for cooler temps after sunset. Temperature drops quite a bit after the sun goes down.

UPDATE: Expecting highs of 85 and lows of 56. Bring layers to dress warm at night! 

Q: What can I NOT bring to the concert?

A: Do NOT bring bad attitude, coolers, alcohol, glass bottles or glass anything, fireworks, weapons of ANY kind, spraypaint, drones, illegal drugs, camp chairs (there are 80+ plastic, stackable lawn chairs on site; if you have a special need, write us with any questions about this). We will search bags at the pick up spot before we take you to the party.

Q: What is the daily schedule like?

A: UPDATED:  We are pushing the schedule to begin a little later and end a little later. We want to have more fun at night and have more bands play after the sun goes down.

  • Music Starts at 3:30 PM and ends at 11:00 PM
  • First bus departs camp at sharply at 12:45 PM. Second bus departs camp at 2:15/2:30
  • First Bus departs the event site for camp just after themusic ends at 11:00 PM. Second bus departs event site at 12:30/12:45 at night. 

Don't plan to go back to camp - it's a long ride - but we will have shuttles on site all day in case you need to go back.

Q: Are there rattlesnakes there? 

A: Yes. This wild desert is their habitat and there are definitely rattlesnakes in the area. Read this before you come.

Q: Is it gonna be hot? 

A: Yes. Daytime desert heat is nothing to mess with. Plan for it. Drink lot's of water, more than normal. Seriously, you don't want to miss the headliner so drink lot's of water.

Q: Will there be medical staff on hand in case anything happens?

A: Yes. Highly trained and qualified. And we will have shuttles ready in case of emergency.

Q: What is expected of me? 

A: Be cool. Stay cool. Drink Responsibly. Respect the desert. Don't litter. Drink water. Pick up trash if you see it. Watch out for each other, respect and help your brothers and sisters. Drink more water. Have fun!

Q: I'm 19 but I'm really cool, can I buy a ticket?

A: No. You'll be cooler in two years. We will check IDs before anyone boards the transportation. Ages 21+ Only. No Refunds.

Q: Who are the California Desert Wizards Association?

A: You are about to be. Your ticket price includes annual membership dues, plus a beautiful golden membership pin provided by our friends and sponsors at Deep Thought Studio

Buy the ticket. We will email you EVERYTHING you need to know.

We are available to answer questions, just email us. :)

"Just a quick note to thank you for an incredible experience. My buddy and I already - perhaps over-effusively - thanked you Saturday in our beer-sodden stupor, but just wanted to say it again. It was one of the best times I’ve ever had at a concert event, truly magical.You delivered everything you said you would and more. It was executed with the precision of a military maneuver. As a fellow producer type, these types of details are porn for me, and I give it the Hustler magazine full boner.
Best of all, I had an epic time with my best friend." - Jay